1. Professional Advisory

2. Personalized Designs

3. Installation & Service Post-Purchase

Step by Step

First, we are going to tell you why you should choose Signer Designer as your trusted company and, why our business partners come from Europe.

Why Choosing Us?

  • We are a different and exclusive alternative.
  • We optimize and personalize your ideas to the fullest with a High-End product.
  • You will have professional experts in the European furniture industry and its components.
  • We accompany your project from start to finish, making you part of this creation, because we value that magical space of your home
  • We individually take care of each of our projects, and this means that you will receive an After-Installation Checkup Service every 6 months during the first 2 years.

Our European partners

  • An excellent industrialized manufacturing system.
  • Years of experience in the international market.
  • Quality of its certified suppliers in terms of raw material, process, hardware and assembly. 
  • And a standardized and customized manufacture according to your needs

Now let´s talk about our contractual process

Step 1- Relationship

It is a time dedicated exclusively to you. Our professionals:

  • Will Welcome you 
  • Will tell you more about who we are and what we do. 
  • You will be given a guided tour throughout our showroom.
  • You will be able to touch and see the quality of our work and notice the dedication we put in addition to the excellence of our products and our services.
  • You will become the main creator and inspiration of this new work of art.

Step 2- Tailored Maid



  • Precision and accuracy characterize us. 
  • Our designers will measure the spaces of your kitchen. 
  • According to the complexity of the area, the representative of the brands will re-check the area, allowing us to know extensively our area of creation. 



Step 3 –The Creation


  • We begin to design your ideas costless.  Your preferences, trends and shared sensations will begin to reflect on pencil strokes and photorealistic images.
  • In a maximum of 72 hours our team will present the first sketch of your personalized space, through our specialized software, and you will begin to see how your desires come true.


Step 4 –More Ideas

  • It will be a real pleasure to present the first proposal, the materials, finishes, colors and budgeting for your kitchen.
  • As you are the protagonist, all your ideas and adjustments can be customized for your kitchen.
  • We synthesize the adjustments if necessary and organize a new appointment for an upcoming presentation.

Step 5 – Approval

  • As soon as you approve the design and budget proposed,  we will make it come true.
  • We will prepare the compendium of your project.
  • You will receive detailed plans, pencil strokes, a detailed presentation, a list of approved furniture and accessories, some photo-realistic images and a sales contract.

Step 6 – 2d Projection

At this point, we will visit you again to draw on your walls and floor to show you how the designed kitchen will be occupying the area.  This will be your first direct contact with the project!

Step 7 – Evaluation

Our factory reps have a team of product experts who will thoroughly review your design, furniture, components and every other detail. Any adjustment will always be for improvement and will be communicated to you without incurring in any extra costs… At this step we call it “Filter 0 errors”! 

Step 8– The Production

  • Our European suppliers have an industrialized production system, where every order is manufactured in production deadlines. Some types of doors may take between 3 up to 6 weeks of production. (National manufacture could take up to 15 days)
  • The packaging is handled very carefully, so you receive each cabinet wrapped in carton, laminated and identified with customer data, order number and identification of the furniture.
  • Signer Designer will keep you informed from the beginning of your order all the way to its conclusion, and therefore during this time, it  is not possible to make changes.

Step 9– Shipping

Signer Designer is responsible for the logistics and import of you kitchen, and depending on its the volume and how soon you wish your order, we can count on express consolidated or containers cargoes.

Step 10 – Area Review

During the time your order is on its way, our operations and design representative will visit the installation area to ensure that the remodeling conditions or adjustments are in good order for the installation of your kitchen.

Step 11– Installation

Signer Designer will ensure that each of the items on your project are installed and adjusted according to plan by our operations rep and a trained team of installers of national and European furniture. At the same time, a qualified staff will make the cleaning of your space and the working area.

Step 12 – After-Sales

We individually take care of each of our projects, and this means that you will receive an After-Installation Checkup Service every 6 months during the first 2 years. The operations and design representative, together with the installer and cleaning team, will review your cabinets, storage conditions, and door/drawer settings.